Perfect Trust

Angel Message: ┬áThe enemy’s first and foremost weapon is fear. Your greatest weapon is Faith in the Almighty God. Where do you turn to when disease crawls the Earth, hatred, confusion, and lies seep in man’s hearts, when the ground trembles, the waters spill over and the fires rage? Man alone cannot hold the celestial […]

Personal Vibration

Have you ever noticed how when you are around certain people and in certain situations you pick up “vibes”? Your angels want you to understand that just as you ‘pick up’ on other people’s vibes you also are ‘sending’ vibes. TODAY, angels want you to be ‘responsible’ for the vibration you are sending out. Think […]

Prosperity Mind

 Your angels want you to enjoy a prosperous life… but first you must appreciate the level of prosperity you have now. To attract a new level of prosperity you also must be willing to give up “poverty thinking and poverty habits”.  ha! Your angels are ready to see you throw a tantrum. You can’t hide […]