Get an outside perspective to your most pressing questions…  Family, Money, Love, Career etc.  Angel Guide Readings offer a time to slow down, listen and replenish your inner self.  Sometimes a simple nudge in the right direction makes all the difference in helping you find your path with clarity.

Angel guide readings are engaging and interactive; these sessions help stimulate your thinking and allow you to appreciate different perspectives.  It can help draw your attention to issues of great importance that you might be overlooking or unconscious about.

Connect with your Angel energy and discover solutions to your worries, this will bring peace to your heart and help you make wiser and effective decisions.

Also Available: Past Lives Readings and Dream Interpretations

You will be contacted w/in 24 hours to schedule your session. Please be sure to include your contact information..

Strictly confidential!

Angel Guide Readings are offered by phone or  face-to-face . SPANISH and ENGLISH

Accepts CASH and PAYPAL payments. Paypal payment is safe, secure and quick. It is ideal to secure your appointment. Once payment is cleared, we can schedule at the soonest availability and a mutually convenient time.  (Will accept donation to my favorite charity – The Helpful Hands Foundation – please let me know in advance if this is an option you prefer).

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