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Angel Guide Readings Terms of Use

Policy and Ethics – Angel Guide Readings

1) When emailing for an appt please give 3 different date and time options to make scheduling faster. Please give Eastern Time. Also provide the telephone number where I am to call.

2) I will be calling you at the confirmed time and date.  Please make sure that you are free from distractions.

3) Confidentiality – your personal information and reading will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

4) Nonjudgement – You will never be judged for the issues and questions you bring to your private Angel Guide Reading.

5) Empowerment – My goal as a Angel Guide Reader is to uncover hidden issues and concerns with the intent on bringing clarity.  I will not tell you what to do – I may make suggestions and give you ideas and insight about a situation, but ultimately you are the expert in your own life.

6) Future – I prefer to focus my readings in the present moment, since your point of power is in the NOW. I do not believe the future is set in stone.   You may receive messages that can indicate where things are headed in a general sense based on what is currently happening in your life, but ultimately, how your future unfolds depends on how you think, feel and act right now!    Through the information and messages received I can help you identify your blocks and strengths so you can create more of what you are wanting in your life.

7) Angel Guide Reading is not a substitute for professional therapy, legal, medical or financial advice.

8) You must be 18 years or older to order Angel Guide Readings.

I will seek to bring light and love to every reading I perform.

Any information obtained through the use of a reading is strictly up to the discretion of the person receiving the information. Your Angel Guide Readers is not responsible for the decisions made by the client as a result of a reading being done.  Where required by law:  Information and/or ‘advice’ contained on angelguidereadings.com website is provided for entertainment purposes only.

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