My name is Daisy – known online as: Surviving Change.  I truly enjoy what I do:  helping people like you make deep inner connections and… make sense of all the ‘no-sense’ in the world. I’ve been a personal self-help consultant for the greater part of my life.

There are many things in the ‘natural’ that we are seeking answers for…  and there are way more things in the ‘supernatural’ that we have yet to understand and explore, so we end up labeling it…  ‘mystery’.   The Truth to some of these mysteries can only be found within ourselves.

I am considered an ‘intuitive’ reader, our sessions are by phone or in person.  I see myself as an explorer.  In this exploration I bring things to your attention – you have an opportunity to look at these discoveries from a place of safe observation.  There is no judgement, just release and opportunity to see situations from a different perspective.

It is no coincidence you are visiting my page… whether we believe and accept the mysteries of life – or not…  does not diminish the amazing mystery that life in itself is.

I can also be found on Patreon at Surviving Change, a supportive, fun and loving space for everyone… posting angel inspired messages.

I love getting to know people and enjoy the loving energy in our angel guide community and hope you visit and join us. Feel free to message me with any questions about getting a personal reading.

Spread your wings Earth Angel.

Blessings of Love and Light to you all.

ps:  I have had near death experiences… and in these experiences I have been in the presence of angels and the creative loving force -God.   The message from this experience that I was given to share is: Love is all that matters …  Love WAS in the ‘beginning’ and Love WILL be the answer always.  Choose LOVE.
(it’s ALL ENERGY my dear friends!)